Friday, June 17, 2011


I have recently been given a bottle of Ivanabitch red berry flavored vodka. This is not a product that I would normally get super excited about but something in the absolute cheese and b.s. factor promotion of this product has struck my funny bone. It even has me sounding like a cheese ball. Nonetheless, check out what the back of this bottle says and then visit the web site for another guffah. The vodka itself, by the way, is something that I would mix with Kool aid by the pool if I was ready to get totally blatto. Never would drink this processed "berry" vodka otherwise. Almost reminds me of the Tussin skits from Chris Rock. I digress...
Back of the bottle:
"Believe it or not, Dmitri Ivanabitch was strolling through the forests of Holland one spring day and stumbled into a patch of red berries. Scraped up and cut, he pulled out his flask of Ivanabitch Vodka and began cleaning his wounds. The fragrance of the berries mixed with his prize vodka was delightful. He rushed home with a pocketful of berries and began working on his next recipe- Red Berry Flavored Vodka.

Now, you can enjoy the clean, smooth, taste of award-winning Ivanabitch Vodka  infused with the sweet taste of red berry just as Demetri did so many years ago. Stay tuned to see what bush he falls into next and until then-beware of bushes!!"

Wow! Seriously! Scary bushes... wait until you see the web site.

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