Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Cocktails at Le Vigne

It is seriously hot, sticky and thick in the South during the summer months. These cocktails help. They might not make you any less hot and sweaty but after a couple you just won't care!

shine on $10
rhubarb puree, apple pie moonshine, lemon juice, fei brother’s rhubarb bitters, prosecco

ain’t that the berries $10
berries from our garden, lemon, lime, pyrat xo rum, honey vanilla syrup, house made grenadine

lolling about $10
bourbon, peach puree, lemon, house made grenadine, domaine de canton, mighty leaf verbena mint tea

all in a fizz $9
crop organic vodka, rose port, wood sorrel, lime, pelligrino

Photos and detailed directions to follow soon!

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