Thursday, December 9, 2010

Au Revoir

The true host also knows how to have a graceful end to the evening. We have all (I hope) been to parties that lasted all night. While all night parties can be fun; as a frequent entertainer this is not the goal, or at least not always. Mario wraps up "The Code of Conviviality" with polite ways to get the people out of your house. Not a city dweller myself I find it clever that a suggestion be made to tip your door man in advance so that he will hail a taxi for your guests. As a suburbanite I would recommend having the name and number of a reputable cab company in your area. My favorite cabbie, Tony, will upon request come out to the burbs for me even though it isn't his territory. I have a long and slightly colorful relationship with Tony as he has driven me home to the burbs countless times "from work." Behind Bars your cabbie can be your ace in the whole. While entertaining guests at my bar and unwinding from doing such at neighboring watering holes it is easy to have enough to warrant a drive home.

 I digress here but; always develop relationships with the following people: your favorite cab driver, your bartender (naturally), the most knowledgeable person at your favorite liquor store, the valet at your favorite restaurant (they know all of the good gossip. Trust me.) and your butcher and/ or fish monger. These people make your entertaining a lot easier! I once wore a short skirt to my local grocery store every time I shopped for going on 2 years because the fish monger there had a bit of a crush on me. I never ever paid full price for fish!

So the quote of the day from the 1971 Playboy's New Host and Bar Book is: "bachelors as well as non bachelors- are getting away from the stodgy notion that parties attended must be parties repaid, like meeting a bank note on a certain date. The whole idea isn't to load your guests down with both liquor and the obligation to return the liquor, but simply to share fun and friendship."  Hmmm. Does a good host and party thrower not expect to be invited around for drinks? The whole social world even now- almost 2011- is based on the barter system. Isn't it?

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