Saturday, December 4, 2010

When the revelers arrive

Thomas Mario lays out some very keen advise for making sure, as the host of a party one should be prepared. As a frequent host of small gatherings I have skimmed through these pages with the word "duh" floating through my mind. Right. But, we have all been to those get togethers in which no seeming preparations have been made and the host is figuratively caught with his/her pants down. As the guest in this situation I always feel like either an intruder or I want to take over and help. Not ideal scenario for a party goer.

The words of advise for the Playboy host is as follows:  "When the revelers arrive, remind yourself that no matter how busy the whirl, everyone appreciates a congenial word of welcome at the door." Reading this book puts in mind the now defunct series Swingtown. The pool party rages, half naked party goers everywhere, the stunned neighbors at the door greeted by a smiling host and the offer of a cold libation. Ahhh... good host manners. Are they a thing of the past? Did they die before I was born? Or can they be revived? Or does a good host now just facebook the new arrival and tweet his hot date for a rendezvous at the hot tub?

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