Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Glassware can be sexy. I am personally not that concerned with the shape of the breast of the woman that inspired the champagne glass but glassware none the less can be sexy. There are a plethora of different glassware options on the market but I personally only stock a few at my home bar and have never had a problem while entertaining. The 1971 Playboy's New Host and bar book feels dated here. My personal recommendation is that one should stock an all purpose wine glass, a highball or double old fashioned glass, some sort of glass that one could put a beer in or other "tall" drink. Currently I have been using stemless wine glasses for nearly everything. They are great for wine, cocktails and punches. With a fun beverage napkin I have also used them for mulled wine. I don't stock separate Irish coffee cups because I like the feel and look of the coffee cups in my regular dish set. I also feel it is crucial to have dishwasher safe glassware. Purists may bock at this but I even put my stemless Riedels in the dish. Sue me. The last thing a host wants to do at the end of a party is stand around hand wash dishes.

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