Saturday, January 29, 2011

Listen to the girls squeal!

I was talking with a very distinguished and frequent regular at my restaurant and he was asking about the unusually high concentration of ladies today. My answer is 3 fold: 1) It is football season; and the women that have been with their men long enough to realize that it is no longer amusing to coddle a man's fascination with violence and chicken wings, realize that their time is much better spent enjoying the company of friends, drinking wine and gossiping.2) It was a sixty degree sunny day in January. Earlier this month we were all iced and snowed in. and 3) Bubbles.

I cannot say that the ladies came out to the middle of north Georgia in January because I made a flight of sparkling wine on the menu but I can honestly say that there were squeals of delight from said women upon the discovery of a sparkling wine flight. Hugh Heffner would be proud. He would never expect women to go without  arguably the best treat in the world...Sparkling wine. May I remind you of the names Thomas Mario uses in the Playboy's New Host and Bar Book circa 1971 for the bubbles: "nosetickler," "gigglewater," "fizz," and "bubbly." Sexy stuff. So here is the bubble flight:

bubble flight $15

nv adami, prosecco 9/36
lovely, elegant scents of green apples, white wildflowers, minerals, and glazed almonds. the palate is dry but still generous with flavors of yellow cherries and tropical fruits, and a very long finish.

nv lamberti, rose spumante 10/40
bright and refreshing with lasting apple and raspberry flavors, this wine is light and cool, simple yet delicious. try it with toasted almonds

nv bortolotti, prosecco e. d. 11/44
 elegant, fresh and lively, with floral aromas and white fruits and a creamy mousse. this is easy to drink and rounded with apple flavors. 

nv casteggio, moscato 7/35
golden color, aromatic nose of ripe apricots, sweet and fruity with flavors of apricots and tangerine. well balanced.

2009 ricossa, moscato d’asti 10/40
pale straw color, floral apricot and orange blossom aromas, round and silky with  great intensity and a long, mouthwatering finish.

I feel that I might squeal now if I don't down some bubbles! Cheers!

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