Friday, January 28, 2011

The Signature Wedding Cocktail Part 1

Playboy's New Host and Bar Book  would certainly never talk about a wedding soiree. I am not sure if signature cocktails were even an option for the 1971 wedding. My parents got married in 1973-2nd time for dad and third time for mom- in a chapel in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I am pretty sure that the idea of arraigning a cocktail to match the pink, daisy printed wedding dress, did not cross her mind. I however, run a beverage program that includes upwards of 45 weddings per season. I refuse to use vile ingredients such as blue curacao and hypnotic to make a blue drink. The "something blue" for those not exposed to the wedding circuit. I also will not suggest that a bride rent a machine to whip up cotton candy to top a coffee drink. No thanks Martha. All this being said check one of my wedding cocktails that both the girls and boys will like.

Rye be Wrong
muddled apple, honey vanilla syrup, lemon, rye whiskey and ginger ale

This refreshing cocktail uses only natural, fresh ingredients and is suprisingly light for a whiskey cocktial. Great for all seasons.

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